Learn to take professional style photographs in just one day.

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Leica Photography Courses - take your photography to the next level

Leica photography courses in London will teach you how to use your Leica camera and take professional style photographs in just one day.  A Leica photography course will soon have you taking your photography to another level and and taking great shots.

Leica photography courses are held in London, and are specially designed to give you plenty of excellent and varied photo opportunities, and will soon have you up and running with your Leica camera and off Auto for good!

Leica Photography Courses are held outdoors

Leica photography courses are held outdoors, therefore you will spend the whole day outdoors hands-on, using your Leica camera.  This is not a  conventional photography course where you can spend the vast majority of your day in a classroom, with a small outside shoot.  This will be a day of pure hands on photography and you will learn how to capture beautiful clear and sharp images with your Leica camera.

Leica Photography Courses: What you will learn

On Leica photography courses, you will be given advice and guidance on the various functions of your Leica camera that you will practice during the day.   All the following camera functions and topics will be covered:

  • Which Lens to use
  • Burst Modes
  • Metering Modes
  • ISO
  • Focal Points
  • White Balance
  • Color Space
  • Depth of Field
  • Focal Lengths
  • LCD screen adjustment
  • Diopter adjustment
  • Hyperfocal distance
  • Shooting mode
  • Exposure compensation
  • AF Mode
  • The difference between Jpeg and RAW.

Leica Photography Courses: Venue

Leica photography courses are held in Central London conveniently from 10.30am to 4.00pm.  Your tutor is Steve McLaren.

A personalised route will be planned for you, so that you will get the best photographic opportunities from the day.

Leica Photography Courses: suitability

Leica photography courses are suitable for Leica S-System, Leica M-System, Leica Compact cameras.

Leica Photography Courses: save money!

On Leica Photography Courses you can bring a partner or friend along free.

To arrange a Leica Photography Course, or if you have any queries, contact Steve anytime.